Have you ever wondered how long it would take to make a high-quality promo video for your business or brand? Historically, it would take months, which was particularly problematic if you were working on a tight timeline. With current technology, you can make a video in a fraction of the time. So whether you’re facing a looming deadline, trying to enhance a current social media campaign with additional content, or just had a burst of last-minute creative genius, you still have plenty of time to bring your ideas to fruition.

Here are tips on how to make a video in five minutes or less.

Make a Video Using a Template

Using a template is one of the best ways to make a video in a short amount of time. When using a template you simply upload your copy and images. Your video maker does the rest using artificial intelligence. If you go this route, make sure you choose a video maker that allows for personalization. No matter how advanced the technology, there will be some edits after the initial draft is created.

Use an Online Platform to Make a Video

Sure, there are lots of video software options on the market, but an online video maker makes the editing and approval process so much faster. An online video maker allows you to not only share your video drafts easily with others via a web link, but you can make suggested edits much more quickly than if you only access your project on one specific computer that has the software and original video file.

Repurpose Existing Content to Make a Video

Chances are you’ve got great content sitting around from previous projects or campaigns. If you’re in a time crunch – make it work for you! Instead of starting from scratch to make a video, take bullet points from old blog articles and turn them into a video slideshow. Use new crops of old images for a fresh, new look. Piece together snippets of old video or copy points from corporate e-mails to develop the core content of your video with minimal time and effort.

Use Stock Graphics and Images in Your Video

There are times you may want to invest in a full production campaign for your project. The best way to save time (and money) when creating a video is to opt for stock images and graphics. There are many places to purchase stock images for commercial use. Or choose a video maker that already has them included with your subscription.

Make Small Changes to Customize Your Video

You chose a template for a reason – because you got designer-quality aesthetics without the need to spend hours creating a video from scratch. When it comes time to personalize your video, don’t get so mired in all of the customization options that you diminish the visual appeal. Don’t waste tons of valuable time trying to make specific changes.

Instead, make small, simple changes that give you a big bang for your time-saving buck. Change the color scheme to match your branding. Pick a font that complements the feel of your campaign. Put your watermark in the corner. Make small changes to turn your template into something that’s uniquely yours.

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