If you’ve spent any amount of time online, as you scroll through your social media profiles, you’ve undoubtedly watched a video advertisement or two. Social media has done something rather remarkable when it comes to video, it’s leveled the playing field.

What used to only be available to the most prominent brands with the biggest budgets has now become something that any business of any size can accomplish, with little investment, to compete right alongside big brands that historically were in a category all to themselves.

With this in mind, today we wanted to explore ten great reasons your small business should consider using video ads as part of your marketing strategy.

1 ) Explain Your Offerings to Your Audience Faster

If your product or service offering is a complicated one, video is a fantastic vehicle to help explain what you do to potential customers.

A well thought out video will show your service/product, it’s features and the problems and challenges it will solve for your potential customers.

Try using Raw Shorts as a way to create product listing videos. We have several templates that are ideal for small businesses to get their products out there.


If you want to head the dynamic video route, services like Vedia help generate personalized, dynamic videos.

For instance, you can address common issues your current clients have solved using your products or services. You can even show live demonstrations or illustrations that will make understanding even easier. Videos increase product value understanding in ways that ad copy simply cannot.

2) Video Ads Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

According to Youtube, 68% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded video ads. By placing a video ad in your product’s description, consumers are going to be must more likely to purchase than if they just read a page with bulleted highlight list of features and benefits.

Youtube these days is much more like a search engine than ever before. Because of this, it’s highly likely that potential customers will try to look at your company and your offering up on YouTube before making a purchase decision.

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Based on these metrics, you can see how having videos online and optimized to be found is critically important to the growth of your brand.

3) With Video You Can Cover More Details

When a prospective customer looks at an ad that is text-heavy, they are likely to ignore it and move on. On the off chance you do get them to click on your ad, if it takes them to a very long piece of content, they are almost certain to close it and move on without reading.

Here are a couple of examples of product videos made for Oberlo, a dropshipping site.

While you may have a ton of things to say about your product or service, the truth is the average consumer has trouble maintaining focus and keeping attention, and video helps solve this problem.

In a video, you can convey the equivalent of a 600-word blog article in as little as 4-5 minutes. If your video grabs a lead’s attention right at the beginning, getting them to commit to 4-5 minutes is much easier than expecting them to read an entire 600-word article.

4) Video Is A Great Content Marketing Vehicle

The key to higher conversion rates is establishing your brand as the thought leader in your industry.

Employing videos in explainer style formats with your ads will not only help you get to this thought leader position but also allow you the ability to insert a call to action (CTA) inside the video itself, lending itself to a conversion opportunity.

As pro digital marketer Neil Patel says in this video “text is overrated” video and audio content are what’s driving traffic in 2019 and beyond.

Use your video to teach your potential clients a quick tip or trick they can employ to solve a challenge or problem they are facing. They will happily watch the content and undoubtedly pay you back by converting on the CTA so they can get additional valuable information.

5) Video Helps Your SEO Rankings

According to seranking.com, people spend 2.6x less time on a website that doesn’t have video. Adding informative videos to your website that engage users, and offer them valuable content will keep them on your site longer.

The added benefit of this is the amount of time a website visitor spends on a site does impact a site’s SEO rankings.

Even more, on a much more basic level, Google owns Youtube. Because of this, it stands to reason that websites that have a Youtube channel and post their youtube videos on their website are going to be looked upon more favorably by Google’s algorithm than sites that don’t.

6) Videos Build Brand Awareness

People want to work with brands that are passionate about what they do. One of the easiest ways to convey this to potential customers and in turn build your brand awareness is through video.

It is much easier for a potential customer to feel and connect with your passion for what you do by watching it on an actual video than a blog article or a white paper about what you do.

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Video also affords you the ability to use special effects or music to build intensity at key points in your video ad, driving home the feeling you want your prospective customer to have.

7) Video Campaigns Are Much More Memorable Than Their Still Image Counterparts

If you want prospective customers to remember your brand, video advertisements are the best vehicle you can use.

According to a databox.com survey, 52% of marketers surveyed responded that they choose to run video campaigns over still image campaigns. Why is this? Because video ads return better results.

Videos vs Images. Which Ads Perform Better?

Videos allow you to generate emotion in your prospective customers. When a prospect has an emotional connection to your brand, they are going to engage you and enter your pipeline.

8) Video Campaigns Help You Evolve Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

Video isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s getting more popular than ever. According to Hubspot, 87% of consumers want brands to produce more video content.

If you have been wrestling with ways to evolve your brand’s marketing strategy to meet the evolving needs of your potential customers, video is a perfect marketing vehicle to keep up with these diversely changing needs.

What goes into making a brand exactly? Here’s a quick video about some of the world’s biggest brands:

9) Video Growth Is Massive

Did you know that Youtube is now the second-largest search engine in the world? It’s true. The growth of video consumption on the Internet is staggering. Video makes up nearly 80% of all the traffic on the Internet. You cannot get left behind with this rapidly growing trend.

12 Video Marketing Statistics That’ll Make You Invest in Video

In order to grow your brand, you need to be where your ideal prospective customers are. Running video ads will ensure that you are in front of them when they are online and building your brand awareness.

10) Video Ads Are More Naturally “Shareable”

The nature of videos and their virality makes them perfect candidates to be shared. If a prospective customer likes the content you’ve put into a video ad, it’s a very natural thing for them to share it with their friends.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to create a video that can go viral. Here’s a deeper look at why videos tend to go “viral”

When their friends like it, it’s also very natural for them to want to share it with their friends. And on and on and on. As you can see, the virality of video is great because if your ad is done well, you will get exceptional bang for your advertising buck.

Not Just Small Businesses — It’s Time for Everyone to Adopt Video Marketing

The key takeaway from this article is if you aren’t using video ads to promote your business, you need to be.

Don’t get left behind. Start working on video concepts to market your brand and running targeted video ads to your ideal customers. You will gain a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry that haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.

You’ll also enjoy the extra viral bonus traffic once you get the hang of creating brand videos and giving your prospective customers things they deem highly value-added, educational and entertaining.

Has Your Small Business Invested in Video Yet?

Let us know in the comments below! We’re always looking to work with up-and-coming companies that need help with getting their video marketing initiatives going. Check out Raw Shorts and learn more on how we can help you.

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